Pro Reach



Pro-Reach is a unique and effective advertising service specialising in face-to-face recommendations within business environments. We professionally promote your services to over 100 other businesses each week.



Businesses large and small are visited by Progresslink representatives. Each visit consists of a complete on-site analysis and a friendly interview with the establishments’ owner. After discovering what the owners’ regular outgoings are, as well as highlighting improvements that need to be made, we recommend your service as a more effective solution. (*for example; your cleaning services, your delivery services, your design & print company, your billboards, your vehicle rental company, your insurance services, your restaurant, your security firm)





Pro-Reach allows you to have your products announced and recommended to local businesses & organisations by premium individuals who are both trained and gifted in the art of interaction. The target audiences are business personnel of all descriptions who are actually in need of your product/service.

We promote your product with the highest level of professionalism and enthusiasm. You will be represented by individuals who are polite, articulate, professional, confident, well-presented and who will recommend your service at the highest level of effectiveness. This, coupled with fantastic personalities, immaculate physical appearances and deep knowledge of business makes for a noteworthy pitch every single time.

The Pro-Reach marketing service is only so effective because of the people involved. Carlson, who generally spearheads all of the interactions, wields a very vibrant personality, unrivaled enthusiasm, immaculate appearance and maintains the highest levels of respect, professionalism and customer service during every interaction. His team members match the same premium description and are all qualified in customer service.



  • Mass marketing efforts such as leaflet distribution or email blasts are costly and famously tend to deliver very disappointing results. Employing a skilled individual to recommend your product in person, on a full time basis, to professionals who need your services is a more effective approach. However this method can be quite costly at five hundred pounds per week on average.
  • With Pro Reach Our gifted promoters can effectively recommended your product to over 400 business owners & professionals each month, in person,  from as little as £20 per week. That’s the type of money that can easily be squandered on chocolates and snacks…and indeed the equivalent of employing a skilled in-house promoter for just 50 pence per hour.





We can also assign a representative to promote in a particular territory / to a specific target audience in order to further cater for your marketing needs. Clients often have us distribute themed items such as discount cards, loyalty cards, ‘discount/free’ passes etc… and even material promoting events such as ‘special sale-days’.



We only promote one business in each category in order to ensure maximum exposure, increased enquiries and more sales for you. In addition – you will receive regular and detailed updates so that you are always aware of which businesses now know that you exist.


REACH STATISTICS: (Per Representative)






web services:

" I love my new website... and so do my 40,000 supporters. " - Lady Leshurr

pro reach:

"...since signing up to Pro-Reach I've had an influx of enquiries and lots of new customers. It's a great investment." - Richard

extra income:

"I wanted to earn some extra money, but was a bit sceptical and doubted myself. I decided to buy a Progression Pack and booked a Progression Session. I'm now earning an extra £450 per month from my hobby and I'm loving it." - Gemma


"The Business Booster pack has transformed my outlook and improved the way I run my shop." - Saaj

business review:

"...the on-site business analysis session was friendly, enjoyable, informative and very beneficial. Since making the recommended changes we've seen a 40% increase in custom and sales." - Andy & Hellen