We help local businesses & local people make more money!

We provide effective, profitable support to business owners, seekers of self employment and individuals desiring career progression. Our advice is always clear and logical and the end goal is to ensure that you make progressive steps towards financial prosperity within your business world.


Our core services:

  • Business and Marketing Consultation.
  • On-site Business analysis.
  • Websites & Graphic Design.
  • Savings on Quality Business Essentials.


Quick Statistic:

  •  We currently receive over 1400 site visits each week.



Get to know  the CEO:

,  founder and director at ProgressLink, is a trusted adviser to business personnel across the UK. Specialising in topics such as: business direction, effective marketing and personal improvement – he has shown business owners, managers and the self-employed how to win more customers and increase their profits using advanced advertising and business strategies. He also guides the business world’s ‘new comers’ to entrepreneurial success.

With experience in: management, sales, advertising and networking… and having studied: Business, Marketing and Advanced Customer Service – you can be sure that the best level of support can be found through him!


A few words from the Manager:

Myself and my team specialise in reviewing individual business situations and offering effective solutions for progression….resulting in us being able to offer a refreshing, effective marketing perspective, accurate progression tips and guidance for getting your profits back on track. The “Well Being & Prosperity” of  your business becomes our chief concern – with the focus of making sure that you are experiencing the maximum amount of custom and the minimum amount of general wastage.

A fundamental element is to ensure that you are “in tune” with your customers and that you are emitting the correct image.

As a business analyst & Marketing consultant I offer advice, support and solution according to the specific needs of your business. After completely assessing your current situation – Bespoke solutions can be designed. By applying the creativity, logic and general suggestions offered -  increases in recognition of your product (or service) will occur! This will naturally result in a visible increase in profit.

Myself and my advisers offer hi-level, on-site consultancy – but in a very real, very palatable and very effective manner….and our direct “hands-on” involvement is visibly laced with genuine personal interest and true business passion.

Yes, we also offer advice & support on a personal level – ensuring that you are the best you can be….helping you to organise your focuses, improve yourself, improve your future and reach your goals.

Remember – we’re here to help – and look forward to working along with you.


web services:

" I love my new website... and so do my 40,000 supporters. " - Lady Leshurr

pro reach:

"...since signing up to Pro-Reach I've had an influx of enquiries and lots of new customers. It's a great investment." - Richard

extra income:

"I wanted to earn some extra money, but was a bit sceptical and doubted myself. I decided to buy a Progression Pack and booked a Progression Session. I'm now earning an extra £450 per month from my hobby and I'm loving it." - Gemma


"The Business Booster pack has transformed my outlook and improved the way I run my shop." - Saaj

business review:

"...the on-site business analysis session was friendly, enjoyable, informative and very beneficial. Since making the recommended changes we've seen a 40% increase in custom and sales." - Andy & Hellen