Welcome to the section of my site that I decided to call the “DictShurrnary”. Here you will be able to keep up to date with what’s “New and Hot” in the unique realm of “Leshurr Vocabulary”. It will also help you to grasp a better appreciation for some of the fun and crazy tweets that I often send.

Here are some of my favored Words, Phrases and Abbreviations:


BOL   -    “Burst Out Laughing”   (a new and improved version of the commonly used “LOL”)


UKDO   -   “U Know Dem Ones”   (Usually used as a hashtag for twitter. e.g – #UKDO when you can’t find your phone)


SHURRPORTERS   -   “An amended version of term ‘supporters’ – but intelligently fused with the name ‘LeSHURR’. Often used to describe loyal supporters of Lady Leshurr in an appreciative fashion.”


KOC   -   “Kiss On Cheek” – Often used as a hash tag during conversation on twitter and also the title for an interesting section on this very website ;-)


ZOM   -   is short for “Zombie” – and is used to describe the extreme hunger you feel when you haven’t eaten all day – and could eat ANYTHING. For example – ” I am ZOM”


LESHBIAN  -  This term is well suited to any female fans who find Lady Leshurr to be something utterly desirable and delicious.


AWKS  -  An abbreviation of the word “Awkward” that would be used to highlight entertaining or embarrassing mishaps. For example – if someone walks into a lamppost that would be a bit “AWKS”.


SCOOP SCOOP  -  An term spoken in an excited tone whenever an individual has acquired an impressive item or an attractive person/partner.


MAYBZ  -  A shortened and snappier way of saying “Maybe”. This is best expressed in a lower vocal tone and in reply to a rhetorical question.


TIME TELLER   -   I created “Time Teller” back in 2010 and it symbolises numbers in doubles. For example: 17:17 22:22 etc.

Time Teller can not be forced. I truely believe that it’s a strong vibe within itself…
When I first discovered numbers in doubles I thought I was going crazy! I knew there was a reason behind it so I started tweeting the time and eventually coming up with the hashtag #TimeTeller.
This then led to me creating a mixtape called 01:21 which is the Birmingham phone code.
Time Teller has given me the idea to launch a new merchandise which will be the areas post code (01:21) and the slogan Know What Time It Is!
 Numbers have meaning. A meaning of power. And it has influenced MANY people all over the world on Twitter which I’m proud of!